It’s Time to Move onto Something New.

I suppose that I’m like most people who stay in their day jobs because they’ve got bills to pay. You may even think that what you do is important and that you do it well. BUT you’re just a cog in someone else’s machine and well you don’t feel valued and you feel patronised by people who struggle to appear competent at their jobs and they judge you. At least you can sleep well.

The world is changing and what worked even a month ago might not work now.

So, what to do?

Back to my writing and doing what that means to me. I’m a learning writer as yet unpublished but the most serious I’ve ever been. It’s me and my word processor.

Doing some teaching online. I’m a good teacher. I’ll try my hand at writing and delivering some online writing courses. As exercises in thinking, writing and pleasure. I’ve been working on a writing techniques project for some time so it might be a good starting point.