Process or Progress?

Working from front to back

Top to bottom

Systematic, following the flow

Knowing what to do

Worry about “how to” later

Commit pen to paper

Make the idea manifest

Once it’s there in front of you

It can be improved

Work with something rather than nothing

Whatever you want to do

You can only become better by doing it

Again and again and again

Proper practice

Deep practice

Pushing the boundary

Find the limits of possibility

Try the allegedly impossible

Frameworks and structures

Instead of limiting

Can offer support.

A thought for this evening

It’s high time for high tea

Tummy telling tales on me

Taste buds tantalized by tempting pastries

Tea brewing, masking away

Soon to be devoured in the usual fashion

Why I write? Why do you write?

I can at least attempt to answer the first of these questions.

I write because I can clarify my thinking through the placing of pen on paper. I can express my emotions and remember that I did feel like that. Sometimes I feel so cold towards people that I need my poems to serve to tell me that I’m not that cold and distant. That I’m part of the human family and that I share the universal human condition which is simultaneously frightening and comforting.

The inevitability of death the only certainty we can plan for, the rest is up to serendipity and our own belief in ourselves…

Marks on Paper – A Poetry Collection by William N Dyer – Coming Soon

My first collection of poetry and my first self-published book, Marks on Paper, will be available as a print publication by the end of September 2011. I’ll put a link up to it on Lulu and Amazon as they become available. I anticipate an Amazon Kindle version sometime in October / November 2011 for those of you who might prefer a ones and zeros version. Might do an ePub version if there is any demand.

I’m getting ahead of myself…