This Lowrider is Already Broken – A talk by Noah Levine from Against the Stream

Noah Levine is a Buddhist Teacher working within the American Theravaden Tradition. I have found his talk entitled ‘This Lowrider is Already Broken’ very uplifting. It puts forward the position that even when a child is born you know that it will die as you will and that fancy new smart-phone or car or whatever will brake. Every living being will eventually die. Every thing will brake. The universality of impermanence, that is change, is the only certainty we have. So we should enjoy those moments in life and the pleasures we can get from our artefacts, knowing that one day they will be gone, and one day we, our friends, our children and on and on, will be gone.

Take joy in the moment.

Live now not in the past or the future.


Hint Fiction #23

Stop talking now. She would never ask again. The gunshot resounded through the mall. Even though it was full there wasn’t a single witness.

Hint Fiction #22

You have a choice. You always have a choice. It might not seem that way, but even a prisoner on death row has a choice.

Hint Fiction #21

They came, pushing and crying for attention. One by one their needs were met for the moment. Tomorrow would be the same.