Everyone, including me, wants money from you.

It’s sad, but true, that everyone wants money or something from you. That’s either directly, by selling you goods or services or having a tip jar, or indirectly, by generating goodwill that they hope you will remember in the future when you come to some purchasing decision or through some affiliate links. Some might want their ego stroked or their opinions shared. They may want to proselytise you, convert you to some ism or other.

Be aware of the motivations of others and of your own. You could betray yourself…

Growing older has had unexpexted additional side effects on how I think about life.

I’ve had to re-examine how I live my life. This means moving toward a more healthy and active way of life. Not only poping pills but eating well, losing weight, and exercising more regularly and for longer – endurance not intensity. I’ve also become more aware of my mortality. i suppose that will happen to most people at some point in their life. It’s that time for me.

What is means to me is taking pleasure in the small things of life; taste, smell, sounds, all the comfy sensual things like the smell of an apple tart baking; the company of friends where all that is needed is to be in their company; no points scoring or arguments, nice to be with them, family and pets. The usual suspects you would most likely say. Nothing unusual there. I would take that as a compliment. It’s always reassuring to be NORMAL. 

But there are some big things that I want to do that I’ve been dancing around talking rather than doing. Now is the time I must do. I wish I had appreciated this sooner before I’ve gotten this sense of panic. Time or the lack of it is my own cattle prod…