Write for yourself, for wellbeing and for fun.

It’s so easy to put all kinds of obstacles in your own way.
I can’t type. I am a poor speller. And on and on.
But if you can talk or think you can write. Writing can also help you improve your wellbeing and destress. You can also tell your own story or be a real gossip monger.
Write for yourself, for wellbeing and for fun.

Everyone Wants a Bit of Me.

My time, my money, my vote, my opinion, my legal business. What they don’t give very often is value for that bit of me.
Self proclaimed experts who are about 3 pages ahead of you in the craft book. One hit wonders admittedly one more hit than me. Advice that costs them nothing BUT they gain revenue.
There are no shortcuts.
I need to put the time in. Every day I need to put the time in.
Away from my computer doing the analogue thing. Pen and paper. It’s what seems to work best for me.
You know yourself better than these GURUs. Be your own GURU.

Who am I?

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do.
I can construct all kinds of reasons for my actions that make me feel rational.
I think that I am being rational. Is that not the definition of being delusional?
Is that not part of the human condition?
We hope we are correct in our judgement but that’s the best we can do.
We have to be vigilant and honest. Kindness to our self and to others matters.
There is no logic here!

The Secret to Writing.

I keeps taking me by surprise but when I remember the secret to writing is to write. I burst out laughing because of all the time and money I have spent on courses and books. These have strategies, plans, opinions, personal experience that may or may not apply to me (or you).
Write. Write every day if you can.
Remember the secret to writing is to write.