Writing Practice

It can appear at times that every soul and their pet is aspiring to be a writer or more accurately to be published writer. Some just enjoy writing and the real pleasure derives from the process of writing and occasionally the product, the story, or letter, or essay, or whatever turns out to be good in its own right.

It is imperative that if you aspire to write then you’ve got to write. Write so that you enjoy it. It’s not sufficient to have to want to have written, you’ve got to do the writing, every day if you can, even if just for five or ten minutes at a time. This is one of the few places in life where consistency is of value.

It’s taken me a long time to accept that position. I’ve read Mastery: The Keys to Long-Term Success and Fulfilment by George Burr Leonard twice now and it took that second reading for the ideas to sink in. Loving and honouring the process is all that really matters in any pursuit. The ability to make money from your pursuit just allows you to spend more, or better quality time following that pursuit, the money is a means it’s the writing that’s the never ending journey.

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