Great Writing Sites

I don’t know how I found this site. Holly Lisle is a published writer who believes in paying forward and has done a lot for the writers on the Internet. She founded Forward Motion Writers Forums, started Vision Online magazine ( a paying market ) and has a resource laden site at

Another site that I fine useful is the site with is a structured directory of things of interest or use for a writer. It’s not been updated in a while though.

If your looking for a challenge try if you’d like to get a book written in a month or if you fancy your chances of doing a book in a week or even if your a budding script writer and have a month to spare. These are all great fun sites with a serious side too.

Sometimes you might try a search engine other than Google ( no matter how good it is ) because you might find something unusual going elsewhere.

Lastly for the moment if you want to try your hand at SF have a look at the Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver where you’ll find a comprehensive and free writing course.
I’ve found these all useful. I hope you do too.

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