Story Bibles

I’m starting a story bible for my next project. I’ve found it hard to find information on how other people do this. Some time ago I managed to find a couple of pages on the net, but I stupidly never kept a link to it and search the net has produced nothing.
So what’s a story bible? It’s a structured collection of notes etc. of information you’ll need in constructing your book.
Main headings that can be included are:
Plot Ideas
Plot Summary or Outline
Image Folder
The Story
How you do this can be down to your temperament. You may be keen to use your computer and there is nothing wrong with that especially if you use software designed to ease the writing process. Something like Scrivener for the Mac or Writer’s Cafe (which is free for the Mac at this time) if you want something cross platform ( Windows, Linux and Mac ).
You can also do it the old fashioned way that can be very sensual compared to a computer. Use box or lever arch files and any other stationery that you like – 5 by 3 cards etc.
If you have any experience of creating story bibles or know of any other resources please leave a comment.

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