Watch what you say, you will offend someone.

I’m fed up having to watch every word I say. The PC police are the cadavers of Orwell’s 1984, infiltrating our precious language in the names of equality, nondiscrimination, and anti-racism. All of which is laudable, but ultimately they are trying to introduce newspeak and doubletalk by the backdoor and stop us from being free thinkers.

The politicians ply us with euphemisms and dissembling and they try a variation on the Nuremberg defense of, “We were only following the rules.” But those rules were immoral and unethical and should not be allowed to be a defense.

We are so prissy about other peoples’ sensibilities but who looks after our sensibilities. No more failure, only non-achievement; give them a second chance, “that is send them to a warehousing facility but call it an FE college,” said by a politician on the BBC Radio 4, October 2009.

The West have created an educated and thinking populace who have all the tools to challenge or even bypass the status quo. How long will it take the establishment to realise that the effective movers and shakers and leading thinkers are on the Internet, building their constituencies, making the changes that will come to matter over the coming years, winning the minds and hearts of people and engaging in dialogue.

Long live Cyberland. Long live Liberty.

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