This is a ramble on how I think and feel.

Success is the holy grail to which we are expected to aspire. Be successful; realise your ambitions; have, set, and commit to our goals; be all you can be.

And could it boil down to something as simple as BE. You BE.

Out of being comes the experience of internal and external senses. Judgements arrived at and opinion formed, but with the realisation that everything is a head game.

How open are you to the influence of others and to what extent are you guilty of trying to be that really influential person.

We are unique yet some strive to be members of one or more tribes. Religion, politics, fashion, sports as spectators, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. We can be obsessive members. We think that the tribe will protect us, but it can end up controlling us, and not to our benefit.

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