Procrastination or Wasting My Life

Too easily diverted from my course of action by the next shiny thing or promising technique or writing manual / book.

It’s an excuse or is it a reason?

Does the difference matter or is it the consequences that matter.


Eating Into The New Year.

Almost a week into the New Year, that’s almost 2% of the year gone already.

How time flies when you’ve no other choice. Time only weights heavy if you let it.

Remember that this too shall pass.

Time is an interesting, if silly, udea.

Old Year, New Year not a lot of difference. Time, as we perceive it, moves forward and does not slow down, speed up, pause or stop.

We use time as an excuse. Not enough, way too much, especially if we are waiting for something. It goes too fast when you’re enjoying something.

But we seem never to be destined to escape its flow.

Best to make do and embrace it.

Ikigai, do I have a reason to get up each morning?

There is this idea that we need a reason to get up each day in order to get the best out of our lives and to live a long and good life. We allegedly need to find our passion to do our best. Do we need to have ikigai or a passion?

What’s in it for those who peddle these ideas?



Annoying others and making them feel inadequate?

Perhaps we need to accept that we are ordinary and should accept what we are.

We could try to be better and we could do many things, but not because we should but because we want to.

Blog of Sunday 27 December2020

There are many distractions in this difficult time and in spite of all of the distractions on the net, TV, Radio, books,

I am not enguaged by the vast majority of them.

I struggle to find anything that enguages me in any way.

It’s Boxing Day and the Lockdown Continues

It’s been a long while since I last posted here. That’s self evident from the post’s date.

I find it so easy to start things as there are so many interesting things to occupy myself with. But continuing and finishing those things alludes me. I have all kinds of reasons – excuses –  that make sense to me. However, I am left wanting.

Getting back into writing after a hiatus.

I was given some advice by a very good friend about my activities especially the Internet. His advice was to simplify. Too many web sites. Focus on one.

And this is the one I’ll focus on.

My writing is among the most important half dozen things to me: family, friends, cats, me, my writing and the rest…

So my aim is to write regularly and post here once a week.

I’ll say no more for now.

Too Much About Money.

Too much of the Internet has become about monetisation of everything. Sure we all have money concerns particularly in the current world economic situation but much of it is over-priced offering poor value.

There are plenty of books available giving great advice and training at low cost.

It may be that you learn better by video and audio and books don’t meet your needs so try Audible or look at Youtube to see if there are any resources you consider of high or acceptable quality and relevance.

There are even some Audible audio courses and books that offer much better value for money the many of the online offerings.

Be wary of parting with substantial amounts of money and the time that you might also have to invest.

No matter who the personality is giving the course; they may be a great writer but consider are they any good as a teacher and/or course designer?

It is in your interest to carry out due diligence and ask about and read independent reviews of the product you are interested in.

Some say writing needs talent, some say writing can’t be taught but only learnt through writing and reading. If you hope people will read your work then you need to know of the best in the genre you want to write in.

You could do worse in your learning journey than taking apart your favourite novel or screenplay or short story and see how that works and then use that knowledge to write your own material.

Remember, writers write.