Power Word Writing

This is a variation on the timed writing theme that I have come across in two independent sources and I have used to good effect in my own writing especially when I get stuck. It is the use of so called power words linked to timed writing. The idea is to select three words, nouns that best evoke the feeling, sentiment, idea, concept or whatever the essence of the thing that you want to write about.
You must use one of these words as the first word you use and you must use the other two words in the first paragraph.
Select, say a five minute or ten minute time, and follow the rules for timed writing.
For most people you’ll get anywhere from 70 to 350 words and you’ll be surprised at the quality of those words.
Repeat this and you can build a chapter a paragraph at a time then, you could write a chapter like this and therefor a book.

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