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I’ve been a member of a writers group for over three years. I left the group tonight, permanently.
I’ve outgrown what the group does or more importantly doesn’t focus on. It trivialises writing. That and the egos of some so-called adults got in the way and they transferred their behaviour onto me accusing me of being childish. Remember because they call you childish does not make it the case and being a minority of one does not make you wrong.
It’s important to realise that writing groups can be useful though they may not suite your needs forever. We all like continuity, but as a writer, the continuity we need most is that of our writing.
By all means visit in person a local writers group or form your own if one does not exist. If it works for you, continue with it till it stops meeting your needs then move on with no remorse. The same applies to online groups.
As I write this I’m listening to the Dragon Page Podcast show number 275B. Talk about synchronistic. They talk about writers groups about 10 minutes into the show for about 5 minutes. I don’t necessarily agree with all they say but it’s interesting and spooky.

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